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All You Need To Know About Derma-Rollers

  • Skincare
  • All You Need To Know About Derma-Rollers

If you’re on a quest for healthier skin that looks and feels younger, you definitely need to know about derma-rollers. I was fortunate enough to learn micro-needling from the award-winning Dr. Des Fernandes himself, and since learning, I have regularly used a derma-roller as part of my skincare routine. It boosts my collagen production, and I am convinced that they’re the beauty industry’s best-kept secret. That’s why I’ve written this simple, all you need to know guide to derma-rollers.

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But First, A Little History

The practice of derma-rolling can be traced back to 1905, when a dermatologist in Germany named Ernst Kromayer developed a device to treat skin blemishes, like scars, hyperpigmentation, and birthmarks. Kromayer’s version consisted of a dental burr attached to a dental drill. Thankfully, we’ve made some advances since Kromayer’s time

During the 1950s, Abner Kurtin built upon Kromayer’s research to develop a tool using rotating steel brushes instead of a dental burr to remove scars. And in 1997, a Canadian doctor, Andre Camirand discovered that using a tattoo gun (without ink!) on scars improved their appearance.

And finally, in 2006, Dr. Des Fernandes discovered that microneedling could induce collagen production and help the skin to remodel and rejuvenate. He invented both the tool and the technique we know today as derma-rolling.


So, What Is A Derma-Roller?

A derma-roller is a tool that consists of a rotating drum on a handle. Attached to that drum are hundreds of tiny needles. These needles vary in length depending on whether they are designed for home or clinical use.

Although it may be possible to purchase home rollers greater than 0.5 millimeters in length, it’s not advisable to do so. Once you go beyond that 0.5 millimeter mark, you begin penetrating deeper into the skin, where it’s more likely you’ll experience pain and increase the likelihood of infection.

Larger needles have their place, but they should be reserved for the professionals. Under professional use, your face will be numbed so that you don’t feel the needles. And physicians also have access to stronger sterilizing techniques to keep you from getting infections after deeper microneedling.


What Does A Derma-Roller Do?

Now that you know the history of how derma-rollers were developed and what they are, you may be wondering why, exactly, you should consider puncturing your skin with hundreds of needles. We concede that it doesn’t sound pleasant, but bear with us a moment and we’ll explain why it is!

When you use a derma-roller, you create tiny wounds all over your skin. Don’t worry, as long as you’re using a roller with needles 0.5 millimeters or smaller, those wounds are so tiny that they don’t hurt. They are, however, significant enough to trigger your body to repair them.

And how does it do that? By producing collagen and elastin, the very components that help skin remain healthy and youthful! In fact, studies have shown that microneedling results in up to 400% more collagen and elastin in your skin.

Now, while professional treatment is likely to give more dramatic results than home treatment, derma-rolling at home still helps to improve your appearance, and it also allows topical treatments to penetrate more deeply and thus improve their efficacy.


What Skin Concerns Are Helped By Derma-Rolling?

Our skin naturally slows the production of collagen and elastin as we age. That’s why younger people have firm, bright skin, but as we grow older, we develop fine lines, wrinkles, and duller skin. Our pigmentation may also change as we age.

Using a derma-roller stimulates our bodies into producing substances we otherwise lack as we age. That’s because our bodies still use things like collagen and elastin to repair our skin. So, when we create microscopic wounds in the skin, our body’s response is to heal those wounds. We benefit from the turnover of new cells and the increased collagen and elastin production.

This natural healing process results in the improvement of a wide variety of skin concerns, including (but not limited to) reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars, and evening out discolored skin, along with brightening the skin generally. Derma-rollers can also be used to decrease sebum production and the size of pores.

Because using a derma-roller opens up tiny channels in your skin, any products you apply afterward will penetrate more deeply. You’ll need to be careful to only apply products that are safe for increased absorption, like Au Natural Skinfood’s Manuka honey products. Not only are they completely safe for use after microneedling, but because of their antibacterial properties, they may even help your skin to heal faster!


Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Use A Derma-Roller?

Derma-rollers are generally considered safe and well-tolerated, as long as you properly sanitize them before and after use. However, certain people should talk to a doctor before using a derma-roller at home.

Be sure to consult a healthcare professional prior to trying a derma-roller if you have open wounds, skin diseases, have had radiation, or are pregnant.


How Long Will It Take To See Results?

You probably won’t see results immediately, because it takes time for your skin to heal. Results cannot be guaranteed, but many people see a difference in their skin after two to six weeks of use.

Continuing to use the derma-roller over time will likely improve your results. According to research, new collagen continues to be produced and incorporated into the skin for three to six months after microneedling.


How Do I Use It?

Using a derma-roller is simple! You’ll first need to clean your face thoroughly and sanitize your roller with alcohol. Then, divide your face into sections, avoiding the eye area, and use the roller vertically on each section two to three times. After that, roll horizontally over each section.

Finally, rinse your face with water, pat it dry, and apply your choice of skincare product. Don’t forget to sanitize your roller again, too!

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Are There Any Alternatives?

Although our Dermatech roller is non-invasive and completely safe for home use, we know the idea of microneedling may take some time to get used to. If you’re not ready to try a derma-roller just yet why not try our Manuka Honey and Bee Venom Sheet Masks instead?


They work on the same micro-damage/micro repair principle as microneedling but use bee venom as an irritant to increase blood flow and the production of collagen and elastin. No needles involved!


Au Natural Skinfood Products

A key component in my empowerment journey has been having healthy skin. For those of you who want to know my secret, it’s our Hair.Skin.Nails Collagen Powder! This effective inner-beauty blend contains powerful Manuka honey and Type 1 marine collagen, and you only need one teaspoon a day. You may also want to check out what Kelly Hoey and She Finds think of it.


While our Hair.Skin.Nails Collagen Powder boosts my skin from the inside, the AM Day Serum does this from the outside. This wonderful product focuses on strengthening the skin’s natural barrier function to fight environmental damage. It’s a super easy way to ensure skin is hydrated and ready to tackle the day.

So, ladies, I encourage you to go out there, face forward! Celebrate the skin you’re in. You are beautiful, and by being fearless, you empower the women around you.


I am here to help and support you on your journey to healthy skin. Please contact me directly through [email protected] – I would love to hear your experience and answer any questions that you might have.

In kindness,

Tracy – Founder

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