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A ‘how to’ guide to sustainable holidays

  • Environment
  • A ‘how to’ guide to sustainable holidays

You might have heard of ‘eco-tourism’. It is the latest buzzword in the world of sustainability that means aspiring to conserve and protect our planet’s natural resources, habitats and biodiversity while travelling. There’s no better time for a well-deserved holiday like the festive season, and we couldn’t help but organise ours the sustainable way! Although it can all sound like a mission bigger than us, there are a lot of small gestures you can do to travel comfortably while respecting the environment (and not breaking the bank!). Here are some tips on eco-friendly travelling from the Au Natural Skinfood team.


Carry your reusable essentials

Make sure you always carry a reusable bottle, a carry-bag and reusable cutlery. These are items you will definitely use on a long-haul flight or at a local food market. If you are worried about luggage weight or space, check out the tons of brands out there that provide pretty, light-weight, and even foldable reusable items. We provide our own little travel must-have – the Au Natural Discovery Kit The kit contains 4 high quality, reusable, sample-size products that you can easily pack in your carry-on luggage. The kit not only provides everything you need for your skincare routine, it also comes with a cotton tote bag and an aluminium tin that work wonders for storing your nick-knacks while travelling.


Offset your carbon emissions

This is something we don’t often think about when travelling. The amount of carbon emissions produced by cars, planes and other means of transport are a real threat for our health and for the environment. Even though not producing carbon emissions at all is not often an option, you can play your part in drastically reducing them. How? If you are planning a road trip with family and friends, try to reduce the number of cars you use. That will help create awesome memories and care for the environment more than you think. If you choose to fly instead, try to pick direct flights, as taking-off and landing produce most emissions. Also, websites such as allow you to offset your carbon emissions by investing in projects that help clean, support and protect the environment, while empowering local communities in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


Use public transport & support local businesses

Shopping for artisan products at a local market and hopping on a bus instead of hiring a car are the best ways to live and breathe the place you are exploring for your holidays. Not only that – they will also allow you to have a more authentic experience and to give back to the local economy and community.


Stick to the path

When hiking and nature-walking, make sure you stick to the path. Going on off-track expeditions can sound appealing to the most adventurous, but reality is that you run the risk of damaging protected and endangered plants, and of disrupting the wildlife’s everyday life. It goes without saying that while exploring, you should take only photographs and leave nothing but your footprints.


Bring multi-use products

Bringing products that you can use in more than one way, such as a body oil that can be used on your hair too, will allow you to pack lighter and to eventually discard less containers once the product is finished (unless you use Au, which won’t make you discard a thing!). We had this in mind when we designed Repair Multifunctional Manuka Lip Balm. Thanks to its high level of Manuka Honey, Repair can be used on cuts, burns, cold sores and insect bites. The same principle works for On The Go, which is perfect as a sunscreen and as a light make-up touch up. Extra tip- use PM as a nourishing after- sun lotion, as it will will hydrate your skin and calm redness.


Shop your Au Natural products and enjoy your sustainable holidays!

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