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Bee-friendly gardens and competition

Gardens are a big part of our lives, regardless of how big or small, they are a place of relaxation and memories, your garden can say a lot about you.

Our dog Nala and best friend who was 19 years old recently died.  Life simply is not the same, suddenly we have rabbits and the odd cat on our front lawn, Nala would never have allowed this on her watch!  When my husband is away travelling, I feel a little unsafe, I am not sure how I thought a 19 year old dog would protect me, but somehow I did.  We don’t have to rush home from work to feed Nala and there is no companion on my favourite walks.  We underestimate just how much a part of our lives, our very treasured pets become.



We really wanted Nala to be buried at home, which we did. Above where she is buried we have planted 4 new Manuka Trees, chosen in an effort to make our garden more “bee friendly”, and also when we look out to where the sun sets and see our manuka trees, we will always remember Nala.  We planted the trees in our Au Natural Skinfood compostable courier bags to protect the trees as they grow, from the upcoming winter.


Whilst planting these trees, I reflected on how comfortable I have become with living with weeds, I simply no longer use chemical weed sprays, weed matting or anything that is not natural in my garden.  Being “time poor” I have learned to live amongst the weeds, when they get too big or invasive, I pull them and allow them to sit on the surface of the soil and feedback rather than popping them in the green bin.  Interestingly everything is thriving together, makes me think that when we say “together we can do this”, I think we mean not just humans, but the whole eco system.


Can you imagine a world without bees? Because bees serve such a vital role as pollinators of plants, flowers and trees, the natural world is heavily reliant upon them, with statistics even suggesting that as much as 75% of the world’s food crops depend upon pollination for their success.


Sadly, as their numbers are being increasingly threatened by toxic insecticides, diseases and pests, bees are becoming more and more scarce.


In order for us to continue enjoying the by-products of bee’s labour – such as manuka honey – we need to make a concerted effort to protect the humble bee, as in New Zealand and around the world, they will struggle to survive without our help. One of the simplest and most effective ways to support bees is to plant bee-friendly gardens, full of plants such as sunflowers, lavender and asters, and all manner of fruit, vegetables and herbs.



This will not only give them plants and crops to pollinate, thereby turning them into a food source for humans, but will also provide the bees with nutrients and a safe habitat. What’s more, the stronger and better-fed bees are, the greater their ability is to fight off diseases and pests which may otherwise threaten them.  Ultimately, bees can’t survive without us, and we would suffer greatly without their pollinating power, so we need to do all we can to ensure that the future is a buzz with these garden helpers.


We would love to see your pictures of your “Bee Friendly” garden.  Share your pictures on Instagram or Facebook and tag @Aunaturalskinfood to be in to win 2 tickets to :

Rewind The Future Tour NZ  2019 – Dr Goodall in either, Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch.


“The clock is ticking for planet Earth. As we move forward in time, the earth moves closer to the point of no return. But there is hope.”


In May 2019 take the opportunity to hear Dr. Goodall address the mounting global crises that we currently face, such as climate change and environmental degradation, poverty, the sixth mass extinction and global conflict. She will speak about her life of devotion to making a difference for all, solutions born from community-centred conservation, as witnessed personally through her work and that of her Institute, and the power of individual action to enable us to change the course of time, creating a future where people, animals and the environment live in balance.


Together, we have the power to turn back the clock. We can all rewind the future.”

Au Natural Skinfood – Proudly supporting the work of the Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand

Au Natural Skinfood





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