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Dr. Jane Goodall and Au Natural’s Sustainability Journey

  • Environment
  • Dr. Jane Goodall and Au Natural’s Sustainability Journey

Au Natural Skinfood has partnered with the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand! 

Well, it did take a while… but who said becoming one of the first cosmetics company in Australasia to partner with the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute was going to be easy?!

That’s right, following lots of hard work, all of us at Au Natural are absolutely delighted to partner with the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand. We’ve had many successes in our sustainability journey, but this could well be our proudest.


Here’s what this certification means for you, and why it doesn’t get much better for us:

  • We’re amongst the first cosmetics brand in the world to be recognised for delivering a complete premium skincare range using all reusable, compostable, or recycling packaging.
  • It’s external (and internal) acknowledgment of the incredible lengths we’ve gone to meet the triple bottom line of environmental, social, and business responsibility.
  • It provides us the opportunity to support conservation projects and community initiatives which help to create a sustainable future for everyone.


Au Natural will also be supporting the work of the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute in New Zealand, providing you with the opportunity to make a difference for yourself and all of our fellow creatures. Sustainability is worth fighting for — Dr. Jane Goodall has dedicated her whole life to this cause, and we’re thrilled to be joining her on a journey to a more sustainable future!


“I try to convince people that if we all make ethical choices each day in what we buy, eat and wear, we shall move towards a more sustainable world” – Dr. Jane Goodall 


In May 2019, I was so privileged and grateful to have the opportunity to hear Dr. Jane Goodall speak in Wellington. She addressed the mounting global crises we’re currently facing, such as climate change and environmental degradation, poverty, the sixth mass extinction and global conflict. It was incredible to hear Dr. Jane Goodall speak about how she has devoted her life to making a difference for all, and the power we each have to change the course of time, creating a future where people, animals and the environment live in harmony.

Dr. Jane Goodall’s message that night was, “together, we have the power to turn back the clock. We can all rewind the future.” This fully aligns with Au Natural Skinfood’s #LeaveItBetter commitment – we can all make a difference for a more sustainable world.

(From left to right)  Tony Ahern (CEO of Au Natural Skinfood), Dr. Jane Goodall, Tracy Ahern (Founder of Au Natural Skinfood)

Sustainable Gardens

I am super passionate about bees – can you honestly imagine a world without them? Bees serve such a vital role as pollinators of plants, flowers and trees, and the natural world is heavily reliant upon them. Some statistics even suggest that as much as 75% of the world’s food crops depend on pollination for their success. Where would we be without bees!?



Sadly, as their numbers are being increasingly threatened by toxic insecticides, diseases and pests, bees are becoming scarcer. In order for us to continue enjoying the by-products of our precious bee’s labour (such as Manuka honey), we must make a concerted effort to protect the humble bee. In New Zealand and all around the world, bees will struggle to survive without our help.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to support bees is to plant bee-friendly gardens, full of plants such as sunflowers, lavender, and asters, and all manner of fruit, vegetables, and herbs. This will not only give the bees plants and crops to get busy pollinating but will also provide the bees with vital nutrients and a safe habitat. What’s more, the stronger and better-fed bees are, the greater their ability is to fight off diseases and pests which may otherwise threaten them.


Ultimately, bees can’t survive without us, and we would suffer greatly without their pollinating power. It really is so important that we do all we can to ensure that the future is abuzz with these garden helpers. Here I am with my own beehive at my home here in Christchurch, New Zealand.


There is just something so wonderful about how bees work and create – and I think we should all follow suit. A sustainable future will not be achieved without banding together and following the trail that inspiring activists like Dr. Jane Goodall have paved.


Your skin loves honey too!

Manuka honey works wonders on the skin, as it is a natural humectant (meaning it keeps moisture in your skin). It’s also anti-bacterial, and has been used medically for thousands of years.

Our Manuka honey skincare really works – it’s backed by science!

Our AM Day Serum is enriched with Active 16+ Manuka honey to give you all day hydration and protection against environmental damage.

The perfect pair for our AM Day serum is our PM Night Cream. This luxurious product is enriched with active bee venom to regenerate your skin’s cells for a healthier, younger-looking you.


Bee in to win! 

We have an amazing Wildlife Giftpack giveaway on our Instagram and Facebook pages to celebrate Women’s Empowerment Month. Simply click on the links to check it out, and enter for your chance to win Biome-positive goodies and Dr. Jane Goodall merchandise! Entries close Monday 15th March (NZT) – good luck!!


Au Natural Skinfood – proudly supporting the work of the Dr. Jane Goodall Institute New Zealand




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