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The Slow Beauty Movement

In our busy lives we often forget about self-care and mindfulness. However, is it true that slow and steady wins the race, especially when it comes to your skin.


Those who follow the Slow Beauty Movement certainly think so. How we consume is changing. We are now more conscious and considerate with our purchases than ever. The Slow Beauty Movement represents a change in direction away from society’s obsession with ‘quick-fix’. It is changing from often invasive beauty ‘solutions’ to a more natural and sustainable approach, with a focus on holistic wellbeing from both the inside out AND the outside in.


Fundamentally, the Slow Beauty Movement envisions our skin health regimes as not simply the mundane, but an opportunity to treat ourselves. Slow Beauty is the ultimate amalgamation of conscious consumerism and self-care.


Ways to implement Slow Beauty Practices into your busy life

Incorporating Slow Beauty into your lifestyle through your everyday skincare regime is the perfect way to practice mindfulness and conscious consumerism in your beauty routine. At the same time, the ‘Art of Slow’ can help us to consider the gravity of our beauty choices on our bodies, our holistic wellbeing and the environment.


Be a conscious consumer and invest in your skin health

Find products that are sustainably produced and ethically made. Shop around and inquire into the science, sustainability practices and ethos behind the businesses you source your beauty products from to find the ones that fit your values.


Globally, the packaging industry for beauty and personal care products makes up nearly $25 billion (USD) in sales per year. As said, packaging is primarily plastic. Understandably, the use of single-use plastic in the beauty industry is a major issue.


A helpful mantra is to ‘buy better, buy less’. Au Natural Skinfood uses sustainable packaging with plant-based eco-refills which are 100% recyclable and carbon negative. 30 seconds spent refilling your skin health products could save a traditional cosmetic packaging from sitting in a landfill for 800 years on average.


Check the ingredients list

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and our first line of defence against pollution and other environmental dangers. Choosing natural products which aid the skin’s natural purpose and abilities are key. Stay away from harmful parabens, which if absorbed into the body can act as harmful endocrine disruptors.


Au Natural Skinfood products contain natural, paraben-free ingredients including; prebiotic Manuka honey, bee venom, avocado oil, kiwifruit extract, superfood moringa and harakeke seed. With ingredients good enough to eat, you can ensure your skin is well nourished, with no nasties.


Make your skincare routine an experience

Allow an extra 10 minutes in the morning/evening to enjoy your routine. Whether you spend slightly longer enjoying the scent of your day cream or lightly massaging in eye serum, allow yourself to relish in your regime and feel empowered through sustainably selecting products that mean something to you.


Our Top Slow Beauty Picks

  • Dr Au Concentrates Anti-Aging Face Oil Level 1
    This contains avocado oil and vanilla. Together with introductory levels of retinol, these biocompatible nutrients restore balance and seal in the goodness, working to reduce redness and the appearance of fine lines. Doctor Au’s Face Oil is hero product for your Slow Beauty Routine as it can be used as a makeup remover, gentle cleanser, used in place of a moisturiser and a dry oil all in one!


  • Dr Au Concentrates Superfruit Eye Serum
    Clinically blended with radical super fruit antioxidants, with a cooling steel rollerball applicator. This lightweight eye serum comfortable to wear, fast-absorbing and treats fine lines, puffiness and dark circles, leaving the skin around the eyes looking healthy and replenished. Store your eye serum in the fridge for an extra cooling and regenerating treat for your eyes! The Slow Beauty Movement is about taking positive steps to ensure the products you use to feel great are good for you and the environment in the long run. The great thing is, there is no one right way to implement it! The art of Slow is personal- it’s all about finding out what works best for you and your skin in your busy life!


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    *If you want to ‘pause’ or push out your next order renewal date, or you want to add/drop products, there’s no need to cancel! See our website FAQ section or copy the following link to learn how to do this.