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The “M” Word – Managing Menopause

Every woman has to go through Menopause at some stage. But are we prepared for this? Do we know what to expect? Let’s talk more about the ‘M’ word.

Are you perimenopausal?  Can you relate to any of the below ?

  • Unexplained weight gain?
  • Brain Fog?
  • Mood swings?
  • Adult acne?
  • Hair sprouting where it shouldn’t be?
  • Exhausted?
  • Hot flushes?


Have you ever wondered why we suffer in silence and hope for the best?  Sure, the internet can help, but how can we understand more about what’s going on, and what help there is?

Well, you’re in luck! Because while I don’t have all the answers, I am certainly happy to share my experience. In my mid forties it really was a case of saying “so long oestrogen!” I had less firmness, elasticity and moisture in my skin. I got the occasional spot and more lines appeared on my skin. To my shock and horror, hair appeared on my lip and chin!!!  I was always aware of oestrogen related bone loss and concerned that it would affect my facial structure. So protein and collagen have always been important in my diet.  My children started joking that I was forgetful and mixed up their names, but jokes aside, it did concern me.

By the time I turned 50, I was starting to notice real changes. While I understood what was happening, I did not like it one little bit. It was time to take control!


Some facts about your 50’s and beyond:

Oestrogen sputters to a halt during menopause and testosterone takes centre-stage. You’ll lose a third of your collagen within the first five years of menopause and, with it, your skin’s moisture, glow, and ability to bounce back. Inflammation also peaks, making skin more vulnerable to damage from sun, smoke, and pollution.


What menopause looks like:

Skin thins, dries, deflates and gets looser. Lines and wrinkles become deeper, pores stretch, lids may sag and become hooded, eye sockets hollow, spider veins may become more visible, age spots show up, and small-yet-benign bumps, patches, or skin tags may grow. Yikes!

What can you do?  Especially if you don’t want “HRT” (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Well for me I did speak to my GP and a Naturopath about options. I had to really decide what worried me the most and in the end I felt I could manage most of the symptoms but the brain fog was really getting to me. So I decided to set about trying to solve this naturally, after trial and error I found a 100% natural product: MenoMe Smart Science. MenoMe combines the ancient wisdom of Asian traditional medicine with state of the art science, using a patented blend of botanical root extracts, New Zealand plant extracts and powerful vitamins and minerals.  It took about three months but the brain fog lifted. I had new found energy, the mood swings eased and I felt I could move on. Six months later I enrolled at the University of Canterbury to complete an MBA part-time over 12 months and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Practically though, my body has changed and I do find this a challenge. So my advice here is also to keep moving – I go to a wonderful gym, Limit Zero, where we work to realistic goals to keep strong and healthy. Limit Zero is my “happy place” and I believe that while this certainly helps my changing and aging body, it also really helps my brain health.

  • I bought an “E” Bike – My e-bike it has given me new freedom, I no longer use the car much, and I go EVERYWHERE on my bike! My children think I’m crazy, and perhaps I am, but at the same time I have found a way to keep healthy, keep up with my children and grandchildren, and now have an activity where I can be with nature everyday and clear my mind.
  • Replace chocolate and treats – This is hard!!  Especially when my daughter Makaela is a very talented pastry chef and is always cooking!  I had to cut down and be more conscious of calories that I have ever been before. Luckily I’ve discovered Tom and Luke Snackballs! They are delicious, healthy and the company has an awesome sustainability story.  When I feel like a treat I go back to an old fav of mine, chopped carrot and hummus or one of Tom and Luke’s Snackballs.
  • Unwanted Hair – Lucky for me the hair on my face was dark and I was able to have IPL to remove it permanently. While a little pricey at the time, after 8 sessions it was all gone and as a bi-product, when you have Laser/IPL treatments there is a micro-damage/ micro-repair response in the skin causing the skin to rejuvenate and plump. After the hair was gone I was tempted to continue treatment as my skin felt so great! Waxing and shaving the area are also options.
  • Hormonal Spots – I tried everything and there is no easy answer.  In the end I formulated my own product! I was after Biome-positive skin, so that I could at least use my own defense system to help fight the invasion. Au Natural’s On The Spot – Spot Gel was my answer to my skin’s hormonal spots. This gentle treatment with Salicylic acid, Kanuka & Manuka Honey will treat the spot, inflammation, and pain without damaging the skin around the spot. I don’t travel without it!
  • Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate – Without the natural hyaluronic acid that comes with estrogen, your skin doesn’t hold onto moisture. Don’t use harsh soaps. Instead, switch to Au’s Natural Gentle Facial Cleanser. Remember to lower the temperature of your showers too.
  • Talking helps -Talk to your children, your gal pals and your partner. This helps them to understand and sharing helps you understand too!  Small steps in the right direction, celebrate the small wins and be kind to yourself as women – we all want to be superheroes all of the time, but sometimes we need to take a step back and take care of ourselves.  Remember to laugh, somehow it just works every time!



Pro Tip

If you are feeling like your skin is compromised, you can also give your skin some love from within.  Au Natural Skinfood’s Hair.Skin.Nails. Marine Collagen Powder, with Manuka honey and New Zealand grapeseed extract, balances your gut microbiome and builds collagen in your skin.


Please remember this is not a solo-mission, I am here to help and want to support you on your journey to healthy skin, please contact me directly through [email protected]. I would love to hear your experience and answer any questions that you might have.


Tracy – Founder

Au Natural Skinfood

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