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Tracy’s life-changing new year’s resolution!

New Year’s Resolutions – Love them or hate them; they spell out hope, new energy, and that very human attribute to want better for ourselves.


Every year I rack my brains and think hard about what I want to change for the year ahead; in the past, this has often been around diet, exercise, and my weight. It’s funny; as I get older, I feel like I have my grandmother on my shoulder repeating, “the older you get, the quicker time flies,” and for me, “time” is precious and something that I really value.

With Au Natural Skinfood relying on social media and marketing to get our messaging out, especially during Covid, I feel like I spend too much time on my phone. I keep getting these crazy analytics messages, which I am sure I did not sign up for, really stressing me out as my screen time keeps rising. So … my New Year’s resolution this year is; putting genuine goals in place around my cell phone usage, my reliance on my phone, and lowering my screen time.


I had this moment in September this year; I was off to Auckland for a string of meetings, it was madness preparing for them, and I had to be at the airport at 6 am….. crazy; why do I always book early flights? I woke my darling son up to take me to the airport, he dropped me at the drive-through, and into the airport, I went feeling relieved that I was a bit early and had time for a sneaky coffee, that smug feeling was short-lived and soon turned to panic when I realized, I had left my phone at home.


I looked for a payphone to ring my husband to see if he could bring my phone to me, I finally found a phone, but it only took cash. I then bought a magazine at a wee store and took extra money for the phone. Once I got back to the phone, I realised that I did not know my husband’s phone number as his details are all stored on my phone. I then pulled out my laptop looked at an old email of his where his number was on the bottom of an old email, and I finally called him, fortunately, he answered, and we live close to the airport, he bought my phone for me, and I did make the flight albeit that I was the last person onto it.


I made a promise to myself that day to memorize significant phone numbers; it was a light bulb moment where I understood clearly that life without a phone these days is not possible, it felt out of control, and I consciously started to think more about when and how I use my phone.


It makes me sound old when I think back to the good old days where you only had a landline for communication. Today I write “hahahahahaha” at the end of posts but back then, I laughed out loud with friends and family and felt good about it.


There is some good research out there about smartphones revolutionizing our lives, but at what cost. I understand that I need my phone; I just don’t want it to creep into every aspect of my life 24/7.

Whatever your New Years’ resolutions are, I encourage you to think about slowing down, embracing life positively, and looking after yourself both on the inside and the outside.


Even if you’ve never heard of the Slow Beauty Movement , you may already share its ethos. Have you ever felt disillusioned by the multitudes of beauty products on the market that claim to provide instant, overnight results through miracle ingredients and quick fixes and found that the results were underwhelming and short-lived?

Stepping away from this quick-fix beauty culture lies at the heart of the Slow Beauty Movement, which instead believes that the best results come from the mindful and habitual use of a smaller number of truly effective products. Swapping chemical-laden, mass-marketed beauty gimmicks for ethically produced and thoughtfully developed skincare products will help you see better results long-term and simplify your beauty routine. Ultimately, those who advocate for the Slow Beauty Movement believe that expecting instantly perfect skin is an unrealistic and self-critical way to view your skincare practices and those good things take time and patience. Also central to the Slow Beauty Movement is the idea of supporting the health of the entire body for best results, a concept that encompasses meditation, rest, hydration, and other forms of self-care.


I am a firm believer in the idea that finding products that work for your individual needs and committing to incorporating them into your skincare routine is the best way to achieve truly impactful and long-lasting results.


Because beauty really is more than skin deep, our scientifically proven skincare products are designed to permeate your skin at a deeper molecular level, allowing for fuller absorption and more noticeable long-term results. Try taking a few extra minutes to do your beauty routine at night – try for example, a warm compress towel when using our REMOVE – gentle cleanser to gently remove your make-up: This will warm your skin up, and after using Au’s PREPARE – Brightening Lotion. your skin will be prepared to accept your PM – Night Crème. Massage it into your face, neck, and décolleté, preparing your skin for repair while you sleep.

Or when you are taking time out to apply a mask, light a candle, have a bath, or a wee glass of bubbles with some friends, pop cucumbers on your eyes and switch off your phone – be present in the moment and spoil yourself.


Use our Aú Natural Skinfood REMOVE gentle cleanser as an alternative to soap for sore hands that may have eczema or are compromised.


I often talk about “less is more,” and I truly believe this; asking myself in 2021 do I really need this, or do I really need to go there, are going to be questions I keep asking of myself. Slowing down to enjoy my friends and family, have conversations and share food are a priority, and well, the screen time just must go down. I will update you as to how I get on with this ambition resolution for 2021.


Thank you, for all your support over 2020; what a year it’s been! Au Natural Skinfood could not have done it without you.  Our focus on biome-positive skincare and educating our community on saying no to chemical beauty and many, many benefits of scientifically validated Manuka honey as the main ingredient in our skin products and indeed our collagen powder.


Good luck setting your New Year’s resolutions and do remember that I love everything skin and if your goals are around your skin, remember this is not a solo mission and I would love to help.


Happy New Year


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    *If you want to ‘pause’ or push out your next order renewal date, or you want to add/drop products, there’s no need to cancel! See our website FAQ section or copy the following link to learn how to do this.