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What is Clean Skincare?

If you read any beauty blog or magazine in the past year, you probably found it hard to ignore the cult of ‘clean’. This buzzwords taken over the beauty world, no longer just a niche – large retailers have added clean beauty brands to their existing offerings.

A few years ago, could you imagine you would be whipping up kale and chia seeds for dinner, and you’d be actively choosing and paying more for organic bamboo clothing for your family to wear? I couldn’t! During this time hundreds of skincare brands have discovered the natural movement, a movement that has organically swept across the globe.  Suddenly we all became more aware of what was in our bathroom cabinet, and beauty brands started to realize that they needed to clean up their act.


It’s a friendly word – it speaks of wellbeing without the worthiness of ‘organic’, and it gives a higher sense of beauty potency than the sometimes ambiguous ‘natural’. It fits into our lives easily – from the shower we take in the morning to double-cleansing at night – we are all striving for ‘clean’. It makes us feel fresh and pure and conjures a world where your beauty products slot into a life lived in a cool, minimalist white house.


When applied to skincare or make-up, ‘clean’ refers to brands that have effective but uncluttered ingredient lists, free from key synthetic ingredients that can be irritants for the skin – such as parabens, petrochemicals, PEGs (petroleum-based compounds), silicones, sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate, phthalates, propylene glycol and man-made fragrances.


But where clean beauty differs from the other natural categories is that the products are still developed with science in mind, and don’t necessarily have to be produced from organically grown plant ingredients. They can be preserved, are lovely to use and can give real anti-ageing results.


I’ll be the first to admit that ingredients can get confusing. What I’ve found is when faced with a trend like clean beauty, many companies will react with minimum effort: they’ll add a few token natural ingredients to a synthetic formula and focus all marketing on that one ingredient.


Thankfully, the internet has a way of leveling the playing field. With the rise of social media and beauty bloggers, any ingredients list can now be dissected and debated before you hand over the cash, making the world of beauty more democratic.


Using clean beauty can be an easy first step into the world of naturals – or it could be your only step, as it fulfills all your requirements for exclusion of synthetics, effectiveness and price. For the organic skincare purist, clean may not be clean enough – but growing skincare ingredients from scratch is a labour- and land-intensive process, and natural skincare can be just as confusing. Clean skincare seems the more accessible option, and the one that’s here to stay.


At Au Natural, we have been focused on creating a “skinfood” that is smart, sophisticated and an effective skincare solution.  The science in Active 16+ Manuka honey for topical applications is proven for its anti-inflammatory and healing effects.  This key ingredient when partnered with the best ingredients full of powerful antioxidants from nature will strengthen the skins natural barrier function, thicken your skin and allow its own natural defenses to fight environmental damage. Find here all you need to know about Au Natural’s ingredients and feel free to let us know what you think on Facebook and Instagram.

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    *If you want to ‘pause’ or push out your next order renewal date, or you want to add/drop products, there’s no need to cancel! See our website FAQ section or copy the following link to learn how to do this.