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Marine Collagen as a Dietary Supplement

  • Collagen
  • Marine Collagen as a Dietary Supplement
Au Natural Collagen Powder

Our skin can mirror of our inner health. At Au, we not only want to create chemical-free skincare and zero waste skincare but create products that repair your skin.


Initially I was focused on creating a vegan collagen powder as a supplement. I was quickly advised that because collagen is a protein found predominately in hair, skin, nails, bones and ligaments, it is mostly derived from animal sources, like beef and fish.


However, I want our members to know that I am committed to finding a good source of vegan collagen to add to our Au Natural Skinfood products, watch this space! In the meantime, plant-based foods to eat that are rich in key amino acids include: soy products, black beans, kidney beans, legumes, seeds (pumpkin, squash, sunflower, chia), and nuts (pistachio, peanut and cashew).


I started to notice a decrease in collagen in my own skin at about 32 when I had my fourth baby, simply I felt as though everything was starting to fall apart. I noticed that my skin lost elasticity, my joints ached a bit and that my digestive system was struggling. Thanks to the advice of a homeopath, I introduced collagen supplement to my diet and honestly, I never looked back. Before then I had no idea that collagen is the superglue that holds our bodies together. It is the most abundant protein in our bodies, not only responsible for keeping our bones and joints healthy, but it also helps build muscle mass and improve the appearance of your skin. I loved that as a bonus my hair and nails just grew faster and were stronger and healthier.


The next step for Au Natural Skinfood was to look for an ethical and sustainable source of collagen powder and test the supplement on people with both problem and ageing skin. Over a 6 month period our staff, friends and family completed a voluntary trial, half of them on our chemical free skincare and the other half on our chemical free skincare and adding a daily dose of our collagen powder, the results were overwhelming, those taking the collagen powder showed significantly more improvement in their hair, skin and nails over those who did not take the collagen supplement.


With the help of a physician I have developed a collagen powder that includes:

  • Premium fresh water collagen (harvested using sustainable aquaculture practices),
  • Vitamin C – which aids in the absorption of the collagen,
  • New Zealand manuka honey – which helps to fight off infection and is fantastic for restoring gut microbiome, and lastly
  • New Zealand grape seed extract – renowned for reducing oxidative stress and anti-inflammatory response helping inhibit infectious growth and support an ageing brain.


I am often asked why I chose premium freshwater fish collagen as opposed to bovine collagen. For me it was simple, fish collagen consists of smaller peptides than bovine sources and consequently is 1.5 times more easily digested and distributed into our bodies. As a bonus, fish collagen dissolves so much faster in your favourite drink compared to bovine collagen.


Au Natural Skinfood’s hair, skin and nails collagen powder supplement is a Type 1 collagen, as is most fish collagen, bovine collagen contains both Type 1 & Type 3 collagen. Type 1 collagen is most like human collagen and is therefore the obvious choice to top up your body’s collagen needs. Our collagen powder will help to protect your skin against photoaging by repairing skin collagen and elastin fibres, improving moisture retention and improving hyaluronic acid content. Although bovine collagen has been shown to improve collagen content it has not shown to have any significant effect on skin moisture levels.


Environmentally, it goes without saying that marine/ freshwater fish collagen is so much better for the habitat that we all share. More than 10 million tons of fish products are discarded annually during processing, so using it to make collagen supplements just makes sense. Furthermore fish proteins release far less greenhouse gas emissions than most meat products. Whilst beef by-products and cowhides are abundant and very cheap to produce, the sourcing of them plays a negative role in climate change.


Au Natural Skinfoods hair, skin and nails collagen powder is a nutricosmetic – beauty that starts beneath the surface with a focus on delivering healthy hair, skin and nails whilst aiding to repair damaged skin and ageing skin. It is also designed to support Au Natural Skinfoods products to rebuild your skin in a hand-holding approach. Au’s collagen powder supplement comes in environmentally kind, home compostable packaging and the production is fully traceable and sustainable.


I am here to help and want to support you on your journey to healthy skin, please contact me directly through [email protected] I would love to hear your experience and answer any questions that you might have.





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