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3 Things You NEED to Know about Sunscreen

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  • 3 Things You NEED to Know about Sunscreen

One of the worst offenders when it comes to premature aging and skin damage is the sun. But how much do you really know about your sunscreen? I’ve got all the information you need to know.

Congratulations, you did it! This is our 12th and final week. You have spent three full months dedicating yourself to your personal journey to achieve a fearlessly healthy face. That’s incredible! Take a moment to reflect on your journey from the day you started this challenge to today. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? You are amazing. You’ve invested your time and effort into caring for yourself, and it shows. You’re glowing! Congratulations are certainly in order, but we also have a bit more to cover.

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Everyone Loves The Sun!

It’s so hard to resist, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love to be outdoors on a sunny day or lying on the beach? It’s one of life’s great pleasures.

Plus, the sun isn’t all bad. It makes us feel good by increasing our endorphins. And it boosts the production of the hormone leptin, which helps us to burn fat.

The sun keeps us warm and helps regulate our sleep patterns. And we rely on it for about 75% of our vitamin D, which is crucial for calcium absorption, bone development, and the production of melanin in our skin.

Sun Protection Is Key

But as is often the case in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. Spending a lot of time being exposed to the sun damages the upper layers of our skin, changing the structure of our collagen and elastin fibers.

This results in the skin drooping and wrinkling. It can also lead to skin abnormalities such as cancer. So, no matter how tempting the sun may be, we need to limit our exposure to it and take steps to protect our skin when we are outdoors.

A Less Is More Approach To Sunshine

Just as we recommend a less-is-more approach to our products, we encourage you to take the same approach to the sun. Spend time outdoors early in the morning and in late afternoon so you avoid the harsher mid-day sun.

And when you do go out, make sure you wear sunscreen. But be careful – not all sunscreens are the same!

There are three top takeaways I want you to remember about sunscreen, and then I’ll share our hero product for the week, which is near and dear to my heart.

  1. Know Why Mineral Sunscreen Is Better Than Chemical Sunscreen

Did you know mineral sunscreens and chemical sunscreens work in entirely different ways, and interact with your body differently, too?

Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing the sun’s rays and turning them into heat, which is then dispersed into the air. That’s a pretty questionable way to protect your skin.

Chemicals are also absorbed into the dermal layer of your skin, where they cause damage before the protective element even begins to work. And they can disrupt the function of your hormones, which is especially concerning if you’re applying sunscreen to children.

Minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are a much healthier alternative. They work like a mirror, reflecting the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them.

Be sure to look for the non-nano label, which lets you know the zinc or titanium particles are too large to be absorbed by your skin and will instead remain on the surface, creating a barrier that prevents UV rays from entering.

  1. Get Clued Up on SPF Numbers And Apply Your Sunscreen Often

Many people find SPF numbers confusing and think the higher the number, the safer they are. But that’s not always true.

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and only applies to UVB rays. It’s an indication of how much longer it takes skin with sunscreen applied to burn compared to unprotected skin.

For example, if unprotected skin takes 10 minutes to burn, an SPF of 15 would mean it takes 150 minutes to burn with sunscreen. But as DermNet New Zealand states, SPF 15 filters out 93% of UVB rays, while Using SPF 30 only increases that number to 97%.

That’s why using a higher SPF doesn’t necessarily translate to exponentially higher protection. What’s most important to understand is that applying sunscreen frequently is the best way to protect yourself.

  1. Learn the UV Alphabet

Many people are also confused about exactly what UV rays do and what the difference is between UVA and UVB rays. Ultraviolet rays carry radiation and cause a chemical reaction in the body.

UVB rays burn the skin’s superficial layers. They’re the ones responsible for turning your skin bright red when you’ve been outdoors too long.

UVA rays, on the other hand, are a bit more insidious. Instead of causing a dramatic rash, they penetrate the skin and lead to premature aging.

You’ll want to choose a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. And remember to apply it every time you go outside, even if it’s cloudy.

Au Natural’s Very Own Sunscreen!

I love showcasing our On The Go Powder Foundation Brush On With Sunscreen SPF 25. It comes in three different shades: Light, Medium, and Dark. It’s actually the very first product I mixed up in my kitchen!

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity certainly drove this invention! My red-haired, allergy-prone son reacted to every sunblock we tried, but he simply could not be outdoors without it.

I’ve been on a journey of discovery ever since. The result is our own On The Go Powder Foundation Brush With Sunscreen. It’s natural, non-nano, and vegan certified. Before you finish the detox challenge, make sure you try it.

Sun Smart = Skin Smart

Over the coming weeks, I encourage you to stay skin smart, which means keeping up the routine you’ve fostered and being aware of the environmental damage that can occur when you’re outdoors, even when it’s cloudy.

The End of Your 12 Week Detox!

I am absolutely jumping for joy right now. You did it! You have completed our entire 12-Week Skin Detox Challenge.

Your skin, body, and brain are all thanking you for undertaking an epic journey to healthier, more fearless skin. Nothing in life comes free, so I applaud and salute your commitment.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Remember, even though our program has come to an end, you can always reach out to me with questions or concerns, and I’ll be happy to recommend products that fit your needs.

Thank you again, and well done, everyone!

In Kindness,

Tracy – Founder

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