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6 Steps To A Fearlessly Healthy Face

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  • 6 Steps To A Fearlessly Healthy Face

A fearlessly healthy face is something that we all want, right? I’ve got 6 steps to follow, for you to achieve this.

Today marks the fifth week of the 12 Week Skin Detox Challenge! Before we jump in, I want to thank you for being here. Making real change takes time, and you’ve made the commitment. You deserve recognition for a job well done. And speaking of recognition, in week five, we’re going to celebrate gaining the confidence to feel a little more fearless.

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Being Confident = Fearlessly Healthy

Think about the last time you really felt confident. Maybe you won an award at work, completed a college course, or earned a new certificate. Maybe you went out for date night and saw all eyes on you. Or maybe you finally got your little one to sleep through the night and knew you were rocking this mama thing. Whatever your moment is, I want you to hold on to that feeling, because that’s how I want you to feel when you achieve fearlessly healthy skin.  And maybe you’ve already had a taste of that feeling.

You’re glowing, ladies, and there’s a good reason why. It all comes down to your skin’s microbiome, the colonies of microscopic organisms that live on our skin. We all have them, but the balance between good and bad makes all the difference in the world.

Last week, we talked about being kind to your skin. This week, we’re going to build upon the foundation you’ve created and focus on maximizing the good bacteria on your skin. Let’s get started.

Step One: Ditch The Antibacterial Products

I know it’s tempting to use them, particularly when you’re trying to keep from catching scary diseases, but the problem is they don’t just kill the bad bacteria; they kill the good bacteria, too.

Antibacterial products are also full of harsh ingredients that exacerbate conditions like acne and eczema. And when your skin is irritated or has cracks and sores, you’re actually more likely to get an infection. Having a good balance of bacteria means your skin will slowly become fearlessly healthy.

Step Two: Get Outdoors

Soil is full of microorganisms that are beneficial to our skin and overall health, but many of us don’t get enough exposure to them.

This week, why not do a little gardening, go camping, or play sports outdoors? You’ll give your skin a healthy dose of good bacteria while having loads of fun.

Step Three: Change Your Laundry Routine

Your laundry routine matters more than you think. Natural fibers like cotton hold a more natural balance of bacteria while synthetic fibers may host bacteria outside the balance of our normal ecosystem.

And when everyone in a household washes their clothes together, you all end up sharing your microbiota. If someone in your home has skin issues, washing their clothes separately using natural soap and drying their laundry in the sun will help balance the bacteria.

Step Four: Sweat It Out!

Sweat is an excellent prebiotic that contributes to healthy skin bacteria. So get some exercise this week or spend time in a sauna. Both will get your blood pumping, increase circulation, and encourage your skin to sweat – a fearlessly healthy body, face and mind!

Step Five: Add Prebiotics

If your skin’s microbiome is going to thrive, you need to feed it with prebiotics. Using Manuka Honey-based products is a great way to do this.

Manuka Honey encourages the growth of good bacteria while inhibiting bad bacteria. It’s also a humectant, so it will help keep much-needed moisture in your skin.

Step Six: Eat Onions And Leeks

You can also feed your skin’s microbiome from the inside out with foods that are rich in prebiotics. Onions and leeks contain lots of prebiotic fiber that feeds the good bacteria in your gut and your skin. Don’t like onions? Try adding a spoonful of Manuka honey to your favorite dairy-free yogurt. It’s delicious!

Those are our six simple steps for week five. Easy and fun, right?

Manuka Oil

And now, it’s time to introduce you to our hero ingredient of the week, Manuka oil. You’ll be happy to know you’ve been using it all along. That’s because it’s featured in both our Prepare Spray-On Brightening Lotion and our Remove Gentle Facial Cleanser.

Manuka oil is sustainably harvested from the leaves, flowers, and branches of the New Zealand tea tree. This antibacterial and stress-relieving oil is well known as a natural remedy for irritated and problematic skin.

Manuka oil is 100% vegan and 30 times stronger than Manuka honey! It also has a lovely smell that you’re sure to enjoy as it strengthens your skin’s natural barrier. And since it’s a fine oil, it easily penetrates your skin for maximum effect.

So there you have it, another episode full of tips you can use to rejuvenate your skin. Thank you for spending time with me this week and being so committed to your journey. I can’t wait to hear about your results.

In kindness,

Tracy – Founder


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