Collagen Powder for Postpartum Hair Loss

Postpartum hair loss is a topic that isn’t discussed enough. After spending your pregnancy being told you’re glowing and having people rave about your thick, gorgeous hair, it can come as quite a shock when your hair begins falling out (sometimes in clumps!) after having your baby. That’s where taking collagen powder comes in to save the […]

Your Environmental Impact: Less is More

We’re all aware that climate change is an important issue. We’ve got those 2050 climate goals to collectively work towards, and we know the consequences if no change is made. My suggestion is to just make small conscious change in everyday decisions. Many small steps in the right direction will move mountains. Following a less is more approach to life is a great […]

Your Skin Microbiome Needs This Hand & Body Bar

Our skin is constantly bombarded by harsh cleansers, deodorants, cosmetics, medications, home detergents, washing powders, and gardening chemicals. Our NEW No Soap Manuka Hand & Body Bar has been carefully formulated to protect your skin microbiome, without harshly stripping it of all your natural microbiota. Prefer to Listen? I get it, reading a blog can […]

NEW Product Alert – Shampoo Bars!

Following on from our great success of our NO Soap, Manuka Hand and Body Bar last year, and after 18 months of hard work from our whole to team, we’re so excited to be bringing to our Au Natural Skinfood whanau (family), our NEW shampoo bars! At Au Natural Skinfood we place sustainability and environmental […]

3 Things You NEED to Know about Sunscreen

One of the worst offenders when it comes to premature aging and skin damage is the sun. But how much do you really know about your sunscreen? I’ve got all the information you need to know. Congratulations, you did it! This is our 12th and final week. You have spent three full months dedicating yourself […]

Berries: The Natural Way to Reduce Wrinkles

We’ve reached week 11 of your skin detox. You’ve come such a long way! Take a moment to reflect on how your skin looked and felt at the start of your journey and compare it to how your skin looks and feels now. This week, I’m letting you in on one of nature’s best kept […]

Beetox Vs. Botox

This week of the skin detox challenge is all about beetox vs. botox. If you’ve found yourself similarly confronting your own aging, you may be considering Botox. Or maybe you’ve already had Botox. We are not here to judge. We all have different reasons for what we do. But what we do know is that […]

The 5 Vitamins You Need For Healthy Skin

This week, we’re going to up the ante on your skincare routine. I’ll explain the impact that vitamins can have on producing healthy skin – whether they’re in your diet, or in your skincare. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in. Prefer to Listen? I get it, reading a blog can be time consuming, so […]

A Less is More Approach to Skincare

Have you ever overeaten your favorite food? We probably all have. When we taste something wonderful, we just want more and more. But when we overindulge, we end up feeling ill and not enjoying it nearly as much as if we savored a more reasonable amount. It’s now week 8 of your skin detox, and […]

All You Need To Know About Derma-Rollers

If you’re on a quest for healthier skin that looks and feels younger, you definitely need to know about derma-rollers. I was fortunate enough to learn micro-needling from the award-winning Dr. Des Fernandes himself, and since learning, I have regularly used a derma-roller as part of my skincare routine. It boosts my collagen production, and […]

The Slow Beauty Movement

I want to thank you for being part of the slow beauty movement. We’re all familiar with the saying, “good things take time,” and that’s certainly true when making positive changes in your skin. The Slow Beauty Movement The slow beauty movement focuses on long-term improvements in your skin. Over the past six weeks of your skin […]

Healthy Habits for Glowing Skin

Your skin is an organ, and it’s just as important as your heart or lungs. And like your heart and lungs, you need to establish healthy habits to protect it. Congrats! This week marks an important milestone. You’re halfway through the challenge! I’m so proud of you for making it this far, and I hope […]