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Your Environmental Impact: Less is More

We’re all aware that climate change is an important issue. We’ve got those 2050 climate goals to collectively work towards, and we know the consequences if no change is made. My suggestion is to just make small conscious change in everyday decisions. Many small steps in the right direction will move mountains. Following a less is more approach to life is a great way to have a really positive environmental impact. 

Here are six principles for turning individual action into collective action. They come from inspirational New Zealand sustainability expert Niki Harr­­­é and her book Psychology for a Better World

6 Steps to Have a Positive Environmental Impact 

  1. Be visibly sustainable yourself and leave behavioural traces in your wake. Be proud that you recycle your skincare bottles, use a keep cup for your coffee and biked to work. For example, leave your helmet next to your computer so others see that you’re a cyclist! 
  2. Focus on the rewards of a desirable practice. For example, the cash you save from reusing your reusable coffee cup or the bottles of skincare products you’ve already saved! 
  3. Help people inspire those closest to them. Don’t be afraid to explain your motives, for example, that you’re changing a certain behaviour for the benefit of future generations or animals. 
  4. Try to be patient – copying comes in waves. Other people need to witness your behaviour more than once to start down the road of becoming ‘converted.’ 
  5. Make positive norms explicit and recognise those who are ahead. Praise people who exhibit sustainable behaviour. Those people consciously leaving a lighter touch on the world must be recognised! 
  6. Emphasise the meaning of sustainable behaviourTransmit the reason you’re recycling your plastics or taking public transport to work. It doesn’t have to be forced down people’s throats but justify the reasons you’re making changes. The connections between action and purpose are not always explicit. 

Less is More 

I truly believe that less is more, in all aspects of life. Whether that means decluttering your home, Marie Kondo-style, or minimising the number of products in your skincare routine, using less can do a world of good. You’ll gain a sense of control over your life, and you can feel good knowing that you’ve only got what you really need.  

Take a moment to think about how many single-use plastic containers you might use every year. Over your lifetime, these containers can really add up. What a waste! 

Au Natural Skinfood’s Solution to Waste 

Here at Au Natural Skinfood, we knew there was a better, less damaging way to produce, package and distribute our skincare products. This is the reason we created an innovative plan to reduce waste throughout the entire purchase process, from design to development to delivery.  

Au Natural Skinfood products are packaged in sleek aluminium bottles and tins. These can be refilled via our plant-based, compostable eco-refills. 

By reducing the amount of unnecessary packaging and using sustainable alternatives, our carbon footprint is dramatically reduced. This is great news for you, our customers, because you can trust that you’re purchasing from an eco-conscious business, striving to leave our world better. What a win/win! 

Au Natural Skinfood Discovery Kit 

In this kit, you will receive a starter pack of our four essentials in mini sizes, that together form a complete daily skincare routine.
What’s even better is that this simple skincare routine will only take 5 minutes, leaving you more time for what really matters to you. These also make great travel companions, for when you don’t want to lug your full-size products on holiday, too! 

Shampoo Bar Range

Our 100% natural shampoo bars are made right here in New Zealand and the entire range is safe for the whole family to use. The shampoo bars work just as effectively as salon-purchased products, even in coloured hair. 

With no single-use plastic and ensuring that we are keeping toxic chemicals out of our oceans by choosing what we wash down the drain, each time you use your shampoo bar, your conscience will be as clean as your hair.

Less is more with our ALL-IN-ONE bar. It’s 5 products (shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, shaving cream and body soap) in one handy bar!  

 Au Natural Skinfood: Less is More

Simplify your skincare routine with Au Natural Skinfood. Think about the positive impact that you can have, through making small changes in your daily routine. This might mean biking to work once a week or taking time to grow a veggie garden in your back yard. Whatever it may be, you can feel good knowing that you’re making a positive change.  

I am here to help and support you on your journey to healthy skin. Please contact me directly through [email protected] – I would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions that you might have. 

In kindness, 

Tracy – Founder 

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