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All real, no spiel.

Au Natural Skinfood is a New Zealand skincare company with a simple ethos: less is more. Less useless or toxic filler ingredients, less unnecessary packaging, and less overpaying for underwhelming products. We’re taking on the big guys – one fearlessly healthy face at a time, and we truly want to sell you less of the stuff we make! We use simple, natural, but effective ingredients to strengthen and repair your skin. We even have the science to prove it.

Stop overpaying for underwhelming products.

Our subscription service doesn’t just help the environment, it’s also kind on your wallet. By creating a custom skincare subscription, you’ll unlock member’s prices, discounts and more. Read more about how it works here. Don’t worry, commitment-phobes; you can cancel anytime, free of charge.  

Kiss the chemicals goodbye.

Maybe she’s born with it… or maybe it’s the 168 chemicals she’s putting on her face daily. Our skincare is Biome Positive and completely chemical-free. Regular skincare might work in the short term, but over a longer period time the continued use of chemicals is damaging your skin. Our natural skincare feeds and supports your skin’s microbiome, largely in thanks to our hero ingredient, Manuka honey.

Our Biome-positive essentials:

Don't believe us? Fair enough.

You might think we’re just another skincare company on the internet trying to sell you something. So, why not let us prove that we’re better? Try our Discovery Kit – a 14-day sample pack of our four essentials in mini sizes, that together form a complete daily skincare routine. Even better – a skincare routine that you can do in 5 minutes.  

Waging war on single-use.

We’re on a mission to help rid the world of single-use plastic. Our products come in recyclable or refillable packaging, and if you subscribe, you’ll receive our essential products in plant-based eco-pouches. We’ve dedicated a lot of time to finding compostable, recyclable, or carbon negative packaging options, which you can read more about here. 

But don't take our word for it...

Au Natural Skinfood is proud to have been featured in many popular publications and websites, including:

Fight the flare ups.

Our On The Spot problem skin range is completely natural, combines powerful antibacterial activity from both New Zealand’s world renowned Manuka and Kanuka honey, and is effective in decreasing the inflammation of both facial redness and acne. Clinical trials have found users report less pimples, a reduction in redness and overall softer skin within three weeks.

On the Spot - Gel Cleanser

Concentrated New Zealand Manuka & Kanuka honey with organic glycerine deeply cleanses and controls bacteria.

On the Spot - Moisturiser

This light moisturiser gently manages the skin's barrier function, reducing redness and protecting from infection.

On the Spot - Spot Treatment

Our Spot Gel treatment contains salicylic acid and New Zealand glacial clay, and is designed to target flare ups.

Kelly has no wrinkles at age 55

She swears by our LIFE-CHANGING product for producing collagen after 30!

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