Our Routine To Reduce Dry Skin

Dry skin occurs when your skin doesn’t retain enough moisture, often due to harsh surfactants stripping good bacteria from your skin, change of season, lack of humidity, aging and genetics. 
The products in this routine encourage your skin’s barrier to be more resilient, locking in moisture and improving cell turnover to improve the skin’s appearance.

Twice Daily, In 3 Simple Steps

  • Simply squeeze out a bit the size of an almond, add a drop or two of warm water.
  • Warm by rubbing the cleanser in your hands.
  • Apply cleanser to the face neck and decollete (safe to use around the eye & lip area).
  • Gently massage the cleanser around the area being cleansed.
  • Use a clean warm flannel to compress the skin and then remove the cleanser.
  • We recommend repeating the above step, if you’ve been wearing make-up.
  • Learn more here.
  • Either spray directly onto your face or spray a little into clean hands.
  • Gently pat into your face, neck, decollate, avoiding the eye area.
  • Leave the skin to dry and then apply your favourite moisturizer.
  • Learn more here.
  • In the morning, dot the moisturizer over the area to be treated.
  • As it warms to your skin, gently rub in.
  • Learn more here. 
  • Before bedtime, Dot night cream on your face, neck and decollete.
  • As it warms to your skin gently massage in, allowing your skin to repair and regenerate whilst you sleep.
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  1. Mindful removal (while cleansing)– Add a little lemon juice or lemon oil to warm water. Sometimes a small act of mindfulness practising ‘slow beauty’ really makes a difference to your frame of mind.
  2. Hydrate well– Our Prepare Spray On Brightening Lotion (toner) helps to tone, tighten and even out the skin. If you have very dry skin on your arms and legs, then you can use the brightening lotion to spray, rub in and feel soft and hydrated.
  3. Make a moisture cocktail: Add a couple of drops of Anti-Aging Face Oil – No.1 or Level 2 to AM or PM. It adds more nourishment and your moisturizer goes a little further.
  4. Stay hydrated: You've heard it a million times, but it really is so important for skin health. If you struggle drinking enough water each day, try this: fill a 1.5 litre bottle with water, then mark the bottle with two hour time slots about two inches inch apart. This way you can keep track of how much you should have drunk by 10am, 12pm, 2pm etc. Sometimes a little bit of accountability goes a long way!

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Still Not Sure?

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