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Why the age of my skin matter?

Age of your skin matters

Do you feel healthy and confident in your own skin? Does the age of your skin matter? We look at the tips and tricks we have learned along the way.


Here at Au Natural Skinfood we know how hard it can be when hormones, ageing and lifestyle start taking their toll and “Oh no”, wrinkles start appearing! We are all about celebrating our individuality and about cherishing those little imperfections that make us unique – as long as the health of our skin, body and mind are not compromised.


Our skin, like the rest of our body, changes during different stages of our lives and the transition to a new phase can make it a bit temperamental. It’s essential that you understand and keep up with your skin’s changes, so we created a little guide to age of your skin and skin’s changes;


In your 20’s

Estrogen peaks during your 20’s. It give most women luminous, taut, and even-toned complexion. Despite this, the shift in hormone levels around your period can lead to unwanted breakouts or even acne. Throughout the month, estrogen masks the oil-producing effects of testosterone, but when estrogen dips during the week leading up to your period, newly dominant testosterone makes its presence known in the form of breakouts and blemishes.


What it looks like
There are no wrinkles in sight during this phase, although more oil production, larger pores, and breakouts along the jaw line might appear during your period. Even women who have never had a pimple could have early onset of adult acne at this age.


Treat it
As you feel a new spot developing, spot treat with Au Natural’s On The Spot – Acne Spot Gel, and make sure you are drinking water and eating plenty of wholesome food.


It is really important to moisturize your skin even if it feels oil, our On The Spot moisturizer is designed to balance your skin, settle you skins microbiome and help to strengthen your skins barrier, our On The Spot natural gel cleanser will help to prepare and clean your skin without stripping natural oils.


Click here for more info about the hero ingredients in our – On The Spot range.


In Your 30’s

During your 30’s estrogen levels start to dip, heralding sinking levels of skin-tightening collagen, elastin and skin-plumping hyaluronic acid. Cell turnover slows down too, and skin bounces back less easily from inflammation.


What It Looks Like
Dryer, thinner skin, more obvious traces of expression lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, the beginnings of age spots, and an increased flaring of inflammatory conditions like rosacea and occasional acne.


Treat It
Ramp up your anti-aging skin regimen especially at night, when skin naturally rests and repairs. We’d suggest using products that are high in Bee Venom. Your skin reacts to Bee Venom as an irritation, which results in increased blood circulation to the deep layers of the skin, stimulating cell regeneration and the production of elastin and collagen to lift, plump and tighten the skin.


Au Natural’s PM Night Cream – this natural face moisturiser acts as a magnet , attracting up to 1000 times its weight in water and delivering it directly to dry and thirsty skin. Click here for more info about our PM night creme


In your 40’s

So long, estrogen. During this decade, expect less firmness, elasticity, and moisture. Estrogen-related bone loss can start to affect your facial structure, too, leaving you with sunken-looking eyes, slackening skin and deeper wrinkles.


What it looks like
Drying, dulling, hollowing, wrinkles and age spots tend to appear at this time of our life. The loss of elasticity is significant.


Treat it
Healthy lifestyle choices are recommended at every stage of our life, but in your 40’s they can really slow down the ageing process and improve the health of your skin. In addition, a skincare regimen that includes a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, serum, eye cream as well as a daily SPF will significantly help boost elasticity and firmness.


Our Dr Au anti ageing face oil rich in plant based retinol (recognised scientifically to repair our skin) and hydrating oils would be a good introduction to your daily routine. Use it on its own or add a few drops to your favourite natural skincare. Click to learn for more info about our Retinol facial oil.


In your 50’s and beyond

Estrogen sputters to a halt during menopause and testosterone takes centre-stage. You’ll lose a third of your collagen within the first five years of menopause and, with it, your skin’s ability to bounce back, moisture and glow. Inflammation also peaks, making skin more vulnerable to skin damage from sun, smoke, and pollution.


What it looks like
Skin thins, dries, deflates and gets looser. Lines and wrinkles become deeper, pores stretch, lids may sag and become hooded, eye sockets hollow, spider veins may become more visible, age spots show up, and small-yet-benign bumps, patches, or skin tags may grow.


Treat it
It’s time to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate, because without the natural hyaluronic acid that comes with estrogen, your skin doesn’t hold onto moisture. Don’t use harsh soaps (switch to Au’s Natural Facial Cleanser) and lower the temperature of your showers.


The whole Au Natural range is rich in nourishing and regenerating ingredients that target the deep layers of the skin. If you don’t know where to start, try Prepare Natural Brightening Toner (it works wonders on age spots!) and AM Day Serum, which will give you deep nourishment and a light glow. If you are already using our Dr Au Level 1 Retinol Face Oil then this is a good opportunity to step up a level to No2, this has higher levels of retinol facial oil scientifically proven to enhance ageing skins.

Click to learn for more info about our Discovery Trial Kits.


During my many years working closely with problem skin in our clinics, I learnt early on that nutrition was one of the key contributors to skin presenting with problems. Our skin is often a mirror to our inner health. When we started developing Au Natural Skinfood we were not only on a mission to create chemical free, zero waste skincare but also to put research and development into a dietary supplement that could help to repair problematic and ageing skin, from the inside out.


We recommend


I started a two-year journey developing our hair, skin and nails collagen powder with the help of a consulting physician. The idea was to improve overall health but more importantly aid in the repair of problematic and ageing skin.


If you have problem skin then I highly recommend supplementing your diet with our marine collagen powder. Click to learn more info on about our Collagen Powder.


I am here to help and want to support you on your journey to healthy skin, please contact me directly through [email protected] I would love to hear your experience and answer any questions that you might have.


Tracy, Founder Au Natural Skinfood

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