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Treating acne with Au Natural

Acne is an issue many will face in their lifetime. Finding products that work for you can be hard – we look at research behind honey and how it helps.


Using honey for medicinal and healing purposes dates from as far back as the 19th century. It was during this time that it was discovered that honey is anti-bacterial and can help heal wounds. As well as having an anti-bacterial action, honey is known to stimulate the production of special cells that help to repair skin tissue that has been damaged by infection. Honey also contains anti-inflammatory properties that lessen inflammation and pain associated with an infected skin. It helps to eliminate bad bacteria on the surface of the skin and grow good bacteria at the same time, constantly working towards skin repair and using the skins natural defence system to strengthen the skin.


Acne is often genetic or hormonal and breakouts start when sebum in hair follicles mix with dead skin cells and bacteria and plug the skins pores leading to the formation of a comedone that will present as a whitehead or blackhead. As this comedone continues to grow, surrounding skin becomes inflamed. As bacterial activity and inflammation continue, we start to see a problem skin developing, at times this skin can develop into acne and cystic acne. The presence of pus will signify a bacterial infection.


Honey not only targets and kills the acne causing bacteria but also reduces the inflammation of the skin tissue surrounding the pores while keeping the compromised skin moisturized. Thus, honey addresses the root cause of acne instead of just treating the symptoms.


Manuka honey has antibacterial, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties. Active 16+ Manuka Honey is scientifically known to have far stronger antibacterial properties than other types of honey, this is because in addition to the hydrogen peroxide responsible for the natural antibacterial properties of honey, manuka honey also contains significantly higher levels of methylglyoxal (MG). MG in manuka honey is derived from another compound referred to as dihydroxyacetone. Manuka flower nectar (that the manuka honey producing bees feed on) contains high levels of dihydroxyacetone. It is thought that there are additional compounds responsible for the strong antibacterial properties of manuka honey which in effect makes manuka honey acne treatment far more superior to that of other types of honey.


How can Au Natural products help with acne? Our core philosophy is to strengthen the skin so that your skins own natural defence system can fight to heal itself. Treating your skin from within is also important and at times an anti-biotic from your GP or dermatologist may be required. Initially getting back to science and basics is important a gentle cleanser with no harsh exfoliating is a good place to start.


Being gentle with your skin and allowing it to heal will be the first step towards skin health.
Au Natural Skinfood treats acne prone skins by restoring the skin’s natural balance. P. acne (bacteria causing the acne) is controlled by the anti-bacterial qualities in Active 16+ Manuka Honey & Kanuka Honey. Sebum will be more controlled, and this will control the redness and oil flow whilst at the same time moisturise the skin. A protective barrier will be created which will protect the skin from external damage. Au Natural Skinfood is a clinically proven science plus nature skincare that is suitable for long and continued use, with no side effects and it will not make your skin sun intolerant or compromised.


Here at Au Natural Skinfood we are so proud of our newly launched On The Spot range for problematic skin! “Scientifically shown to inhibit the bacteria associated with conditions such as acne.”

All Natural Ingredients
• American Vegetarian Association Approved
• Paraben Free
• NO Preservatives
• NO Nano Technology
• NO Animal Testing
• Gentle & Effective on ALL skin types


Au Natural Skinfood has combined Kanuka Honey with Active 16+ Manuka Honey bringing to your skin the very best of the honey that our New Zealand worker bees can offer.


Research around the active ingredients in Kanuka Honey indicate that it contains more of the beneficial compounds called arabinogalactans (AGPs) than any other New Zealand Honey. AGPs aid in the repair of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and cold sores, making Kanuka Honey a very valuable ingredient in topical skincare application. Applying Kanuka Honey directly onto external wounds will draw healing fluids and key nutrients to the affected area, promoting rapid, gentle healing and regrowth of underlying tissues.


Kanuka Honey is relatively new as an ingredient for skincare products, unlike synthetically bleach-based treatments, which tend to dry out the skin, Kanuka Honey is naturally moisturising and leaves the skin in better condition. With this knowledge our team has decided to use this key ingredient in concentrated levels in our new On The Spot range.


When you combine our two hero ingredients Manuka & Kanuka Honey with;

  • Salicylic Acid – naturally occurring from the bark of willow trees and widely used as an FDA approved safe and effective acne drug product,
  • Organic Evening Primrose Oil – rich in essential fatty acids amazing for skins in need of repair and
  • New Zealand Glacial Clay – from ancient volcanic ash helping to remove and absorb toxins from the skin, you have a winning formula.


Click here for more info on about our NEW On The Spot range for problem skins.


During my many years working closely with problem skins in our clinics, I learnt early on that poor-nutrition was one of the key contributors to skin problems. Our skin is often a mirror of our inner health. When we started developing Au Natural Skinfood we were not only on a mission to create chemical free skincare and zero waste skincare but also to put research and development into a dietary supplement that could help to repair problematic and ageing skin, from the inside out.


With the help of a consulting physician I started a two-year journey developing our hair, skin and nails collagen powder, that would aim to improve overall health but more importantly aid in the repair of problematic and ageing skin.


If you have problem skin especially with acne, then I highly recommend supplementing your diet with Au Natural Skinfood’s natural fresh water collagen powder. Click here for more info on about our Collagen Powder.


I am here to help and want to support you on your journey to healthy skin, I understand how traumatising having acne can be and would like to help. Please send me a photo of your skin, what products you are using and some detail on your skin and skin condition directly to [email protected] I would love to hear your experience and answer any questions that you might have.


If you are looking to DETOX from chemical beauty and consider zero waste skin care, then take a look at our 12-week skin detox challenge where we walk with you on your journey to clean beauty.


Tracy, Au Natural Founder

#leaveitbetter #fearlesslyhealthyfaces #aunaturalrevolution

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