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Is alcohol hand sanitizer bad for your skin?

Alcohol Hand Sanitizers are recommended to combat Covid 19

It’s become a necessity to rely on hand sanitizer to help keep yourself safe against COVID-19, but what is the consequence of applying it to our skin so frequently?


If you’ve been using hand sanitizer for months, you’ve seen the toll it has taken on your skin. Alcohol is very drying, which is why hand sanitizers contain humectants to help prevent the loss of moisture. Nevertheless, repeated use still dries hands and disrupts the skin microbiome. So…. what can you do about it? Switch to a natural hand sanitizer instead.


What’s In Your Hand Sanitizer?


While hand sanitizers can have several active ingredients, the primary ingredient to combat COVID-19 and kill germs is alcohol.


Where Does Alcohol Come From?


Most commercial hand sanitizers contain isopropyl alcohol, also known as rubbing alcohol. Alcohol can also come from plants and milk. Hand sanitizers have been in the news recently, as the FDA has found that many brands contain toxic ingredients in addition to alcohol, like methanol, which can be especially dangerous if they are ingested by children.


Since methanol can be absorbed by the skin, toxicity can build up over time. With the rush to produce hand sanitizers, some brands may use methanol – so make sure you read the labels! If the hand sanitizer doesn’t list the ingredients and have a drug facts panel, don’t buy it!


How Do Alcohols Hand Sanitizers Damage Your Skin?


Alcohol strips your skin of water and natural oils. Additionally, alcohol is antimicrobial. While we want our hand sanitizer to work against disease-causing microbes, the alcohol in our hand sanitizer targets our entire skins microbiome, harming the good flora that we need on our skin for protection from environmental pollutants.


If you have used hand sanitizer during the past few months, your hands likely become dry, irritated, and cracked with prolonged use. Here is the danger – once your hands are cracked, it becomes easier for germs to enter your skin and cause infection.


How Can Natural Hand Sanitizers Help?


Natural hand sanitizers may use alcohol from different sources and include additional ingredients to help protect and replenish your skin. Here again read labels carefully!


Au Natural Skinfood’s DEFEND natural hand sanitizer contains 74% plant-based alcohol, it’s gentler on your skin and effective in killing germs. We’ve added organic plant-based glycerine and organic aloe vera juice to moisturize your skin. Manuka oil/Manuka honey serves multiple purposes in our hand sanitizer, a natural humectant, which further helps to keep moisture in your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which help soothe and protect your skin, while restoring your skin’s natural microbiome. Finally, we include New Zealand sweet blood orange essential oil to provide a natural orange fragrance, rich also in vitamin C to brighten skin.


What If I Already Have Skin Damage?


If you are already experiencing dry, chapped, or cracked hands from repeated hand washing and hand sanitizer use, you’re not alone.


For the best results, you’ll want to use your hand cream right before bed. Wash your hands and apply a thick layer. Then, put on a pair of cotton gloves and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll wake up with softer, smoother hands. Once again, check out the ingredients in any potential hand cream to make sure you know what you’re putting on your skin and why, particularly if your skin barrier has already been compromised.


Au Natural Skinfoods Manuka Honey Hand Cream is made from medical-grade Manuka honey and New Zealand Ponga Fern Seed, Forbes listed our Manuka hand cream as the “most powerful” hand cream in 2020. The Manuka honey again yields its humectant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, while the New Zealand Ponga Fern Seed provides an elastic and waterproof layer that protects and repairs your skin. We recommend combining it with our Prepare Skin Brightening Lotion, containing Manuka honey, kiwi, and vitamin C.  Prepare has been clinically tested to inhibit 63% of staph bacteria for up to 24 hours!  Simply spray it on your hands after washing and before applying your hand cream, diminishes age spots, lightens and deeply hydrates skin.


Au’s Defend hand sanitizer is also environmentally kind, packed in convenient 50 ml bottles for on-the-go use anywhere and made from plant-based bioplastic which is carbon negative.

Remember this is not a solo mission, I am here to help and want to support you on your journey to healthy skin, please contact me directly through [email protected] I would love to hear your experience and answer any questions that you might have.

In kindness,

Tracy – Founder

P.S.  Stay in the know – we have a new clean beauty product that you will love, being launched in August!

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